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The Critical Threat Intervention Program (CTIP) was designed by Retired Special Agent Russell Ricalde from his years of tactical experience as the Homeland Security Investigations, Special Response Team.  CTIP trains vetted law enforcement officers and veterans to a higher tactical standard and professional standard.  We prepare our assets to successfully intervene in a Mass Casualty Event, interrupting the plan of the assailant and saving lives.

As a nation, we spend millions if not billions of dollars to protect our politicians, judges, banks and financial institutions, and athletes, but NOTHING to protect our children.  They remain vulnerable in both public and private schools to active shooters and terrorist organizations.  Immediate action is required NOW to prevent the next school shooting from being catastrophic

In addition to the threat to our schools, organizations cannot afford to entrust the safety and security of their personnel and guests to anyone but the elite in the field.  Although the number of active shooter, terrorist, and workplace violence incidents continue to rise, companies fail to address these threats.  What many organizations misunderstand, is that “Risk” has two components; probability and severity of loss.  Even if the probability is low that an active shooter will strike at your facility, the potential loss is enormous.  Hiring the right security expert is a valuable insurance policy you hope to never use.

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