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concealed carry classes, self defense classes, hand to hand combat training, threat assessment, vip security

ITAC was established on the principles of integrity, fairness and professionalism.  We will assess your needs, however, we will not waste your time and money if we cannot help you.  All or our representatives are current and former law enforcement and military personal.  Our team are experts in their particular skillset with a minimum of 20 years' experience.   ITAC is an "independent" security consulting agency.  Our consulting is drawn from many years of experience and continual product research and testing.  We select the most cutting-edge equipment available, that fits the client's requirements and budget. 


ITAC provides progressive security consulting, training, protection and investigative services to support the requirements of the individual or the organization. In light of current world trends regarding violence and terrorism, unskilled individuals need to consider threat assessment as a life priority. ITAC assesses risk, mitigates threat, and offers solutions to problems. After the initial meeting, an approach will be presented to the client. Depending on the situation, a comprehensive security plan will be developed to educate, equip, and/or train the client(s).


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