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self defense class, hand to hand combat training
Ladies Self Defense Class
self defense class, hand to hand combat training


Developed by Retired Federal Agent, Russell Ricalde, the class is designed to address the major weaknesses in woman’s self-defense systems being taught today.  This is not a 2-hour, “learn to protect yourself” seminar.  It is not a limited, short-term training class that only addresses standard static attacks (grabs, chokes, headlocks).  Offensive fighting is not something you can learn in one month.  True combat requires a combination of mental awareness, mindset, superior technique and aggression.  To prepare for one of the worst situations; a man attacking a woman, all normal human behavior must be put on the sideline. Behavior must be replaced with superior fighting technique, coupled with natural instinctive biological responses.

After every training session you leave with tools that can save your life or prevent the horrible experience of rape.  You will learn to move and strike like a kick boxer, escape from the ground like a Brazilian Jujitsu practitioner, and think like a warrior.  Scenario-based training will be employed to simulate actual attacks and attempted rape.  You will learn what it feels like to actually strike a human body and establish the wherewithal to identify danger signs and avoid situations.  

Group or private classes are available.  Please contact us directly at 813-385-1328. 

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